Seasonal Interludes

Haiku poetry opens a gateway to introspection, allowing you to absorb the subtle ever-shifting changes of life. The idea of “transformation” sparks a multitude of thoughts. While dictionaries define it as a “marked change in form, nature, or appearance,” the essence of transformation extends beyond external shifts and resonates from deep within.

The Power of Transformation: Trusting the Unknown

Internal transformation can manifest as a shift in perspective or a profound spiritual metamorphosis that can often bring up uncomfortable feelings and even a sense of lonliness, as if you are the only person going through change. When you release parts of yourself that have become obsolete, it leaves room for the new. This might entail shedding a negative habit or undertaking an entire overhaul of your life. I have noticed since the onset of Covid that many people took it as an opportunity to reevaluate the true meaning of life, prompting changes that foster personal growth and overall improvement. 

 Navigating the path of transformation can be demanding and discomforting, but it is much better that the alternative of stagnation and feeling stuck. Placing trust in the unknown and nurturing a vision of the world you aspire to thrive in can initiate positive change, bringing not only personal transformation, but also contributing to the collective for creating a better world.

When you observe nature and its seasons, you witness the everlasting ebb and flow of change. Fall is a season of transition that mirrors the cyclical nature of life—the acceptance of death and quiet introspection. The universe is a cosmic guide that provides the tools for your soul to expand and evolve, propelling you forward in your life. In the vastness of the universe, you can discern the spiritual transformations woven through time with mindfulness, awareness and love for one another. 

 Feel the transformative energy pulsating through your being. Just as nature cycles through its transformations, so do you, as the world around you evolves into a more loving and peaceful place.

Do you feel a transformation within?

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