Seasonal Interludes

As you have journeyed through this month and seen the profound ways that transformation unfolds before your eyes, it’s time to celebrate the ever changing cycles of life. The changes you see in nature and the mysteries of the universe play out both visibly and in the realms of the unseen. Amongst the variety of transformations that grace our existence, bringing a new human life into the world is a transformation of intensity and dynamic energy.

The Cycles of Life: A Celebration of Life’s Transformations

Since I don’t have children, I can’t share my experience with this, but I can share with you what I’ve heard from other women and my own mother’s experience of birthing four babies. Each birth story is as unique as the human it brings into the world. I’ve heard a couple of birth stories of women saying that when they were in the midst of intense labour, they recall sensations that that were so powerful that they felt as if they were dying. Giving birth is a clear sign of the spiritual transformation embedded in a process that is not for the faint of heart. 

Across many cultures, the journey of labour and birth is often regarded as a sacred rite of passage—a spiritual rebirth for the mother while ushering in new life in the flesh. In these moments, the body manifests miracles, displaying not only a resilience, but a strength that leaves us in awe. Growth and change resonates with the trials and triumphs deeply rooted in the birth process. Nature echoes this sentiment, with its own taxing struggle to bring life into form with its own cycles..

Just as birth marks the beginning of a cycle, the same can go for when the body passes away. It can sometimes be a painful struggle of letting go and release. The departure from the physical form can mirror the struggles of the eventual release. In nature’s rhythmic dance, death becomes a seamless part of the cycle that fall represents followed by a period of stillness that is quickly approaching with the winter season. 

 As you reflect on your life and the cycles of birth, growth, and death, it’s important to also celebrate the transformations that shape our individual narratives. Each and every one of us is on a personal journey through the cycles of life with the ongoing evolution of our existence as a collective.

How do you perceive the transformations happening around you that often go unnoticed?

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