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Your body is working for you twenty-four hours a day. Have you ever stopped to think about the various ways that the moving parts of your body does this? Your physical body is an intricate biological machine that unfolds effortlessly, day and night, without you ever having to give it direct instructions.

Gratitude Enhances Your Well-bing

Your body is your constant companion that never asks for anything, but when you think about it, it would love some thanks and appreciation for all the hard work it does. It’s the container that holds your soul and supports how you move and experience life on a daily basis.

Here are five areas to give your body gratitude: 

 1. Your Digestion: This is a complex system that helps to break down the food you consume into nutrients to fuel your body. From that first bite, the gears of digestion start turning, quietly giving you the nutrients you need. 

 2. Your Muscles: Muscles contract and relax in a harmonious way as you move your body. It effortlessly responds to your intentions, so you don’t need to consciously control each muscle, it just does it. 

 3. Your Breath: When you breathe, you’re in a constant rhythm of effortless flow. The inhale takes in life, and the exhale is a letting go that helps you relax. Your lungs and diaphragm are always working to make sure your body gets the oxygen it needs from breath to breath. 

 4. Your Immune System: Beyond the basic daily tasks, your body is also fighting threats and activates healing. A strong immune system keeps you healthy and healthy cells repair damaged tissue without you even realizing it. It’s an ongoing process of rejuvenation and protection. 

 5. Your Senses: Your body gives you the gift of experiencing the world through your senses. Your eyes, to see a spectrum of colours, your ears, to hear music and voices, your skin, to feel sensations, and your taste buds and sense of smell, to savour an abundance of flavours. These five senses work together to enrich your everyday life. 

 As you reflect on the amazing way your body works, it becomes clear that your existence is based on the constant motion of your physical being. Giving your body gratitude for all of the hard work it does, is loving, nourishing and enhances your ability to heal and thrive.

What are some small, simple ways you can show gratitude for everything your body does everyday?

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