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The month of October ends with a bang with the Hunter’s Blood Moon and a partial lunar eclipse lighting up the skies on the evening of Saturday, October 28th. Halloween is also happening on Tuesday night, making this last week in October extra spicy and dramatic.

The Hunter's Blood Moon 

There’s so much going on! Did you know that the Hunter’s Blood Moon and the Partial Lunar Eclipse are the same? According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the Blood Moon is another name for a Total Lunar Eclipse. During a Total Lunar Eclipse, the Moon can take on a reddish hue which illuminates the Moon. The name “Hunter’s Blood Moon” is associated with the hunting season from decades ago when hunting activities were more common. During a Partial Lunar Eclipse, you’ll see a part of the Moon darken and appear shaded, but it doesn’t take on the characteristic reddish colour of a total lunar eclipse. The spiritual meaning of this particular moon is focused on the inevitable changes that are upon humanity. It’s serves as an opening of energy that can be positive, active and productive. Your shadow side may be revealed to you during this eclipse, when you choose to accept and welcome the darkness with open arms and a curious spirit, you can move through change easier, bringing love and light with it.

How do you feel about the connection between the changing seasons, particularly autumn, and the occurrence of a Hunter’s Blood Moon during a lunar eclipse? 

The theme for October has been based on gratitude. Have you noticed that you are more grateful than you were at the beginning of the month? 

It’s been a busy month for me, but when I count my blessings and the things that I’ve grateful for, they far outweigh the challenges that I’ve encountered. The theme for November is “transformation”, moving further into fall, it’s a time of letting go, preparing for winter and going into stillness will help with some of the chaos that is currently going on in the world.

What specific moments or experiences from the past month fill you with gratitude as you approach the month of November?

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