Are you a mid-life woman who is
in transition and craving  life at a slower pace, but don’t know how?

In 5 days I will show you how to go from “doing” to “being” so you will be motivated to make positive changes, quiet your busy mind and be inspired to experience the world in a new way.

What is the 5 day challenge?

Day 1 - Connect with the season of life you’re in and your inner rhythm.

Day 2 - What is holding you back from being present?

Day 3 - Discover what simplistic living would feel like and step into the mind of the observer.

Day 4 - Have you tried to quiet your mind but can’t seem to turn it a habit?

Day 5 - Your first steps to integrate Seasonal Living into your life.

Hi, my name is...

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In 5 days you will:

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5 day challenge

All you need is 5 days to turn the struggle of trying to grow a business into the easiest thing you've ever done

All I need is just 5 days to show you how

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