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January 1st serves as a symbolic gateway for many people that can sometimes be filled with expectations, pressure and feeling that you need to have a clear vision of what you want. Finding a balance with making plans while allowing things unfold is what this week is about.

Monday Moments - Happy New Year!

Say hello to 2024! I hope you had a joyful and restful holiday. Start your week off with a dose of inspiration for a fresh start and new beginnings with the haiku. The energy of the moon this week is the fall season of slowing down and early evening.

Everyday Seasonal Living

Slow down and live in the moment by embracing the rhythms of the seasons.

Everyday Seasonal Living is for mid-life women who are in a constant state of “doing" and are craving to transition into a slower pace of “being”.


Do you make new year’s resolutions? The beginning of January is a time of new beginnings and revisiting goals from the previous year. What emotions and aspirations are rekindled, and how does the cycle of renewal manifest in your life regardless of making resolutions or not?



Welcoming the stillness of winter provides a restorative time for inner reflecting that naturally goes with the start of a new year. As the natural world softens into silence, you may find yourself drawn to the tranquility within. This quiet time becomes a hide-away for your thoughts, allowing you to sift through the events of the past year and discern what you wish to bring with you and what to leave behind. 

Setting goals is a powerful way to channel this reflective energy into purposeful action. Like a compass pointing toward your aspirations, goals provide direction and motivation. But, as you start the year, it’s equally important to recognize the beauty in allowing life to unfold organically. The unpredictability of what lies ahead adds a touch of excitement and a sense of adventure that supports you to explore uncharted territory. 

Finding a balance between setting goals and surrendering to life’s unfolding rhythm, is trusting in the unknown and letting go of expectations. It’s about cultivating a clear vision while remaining open to the twists and turns that might lead to unexpected and more magical outcomes. It’s like becoming a skilled sailor navigating the changing waters of the sea, you steer your course with intention, adjust your sails when needed and have an awareness of what may or may not come to surface. 

As you step into this new year, consider holding a vision instead of making resolutions. Allow your dreams to breathe, to expand and contract like the inhale and exhale of the winter breeze. By doing this, you create space for the unexpected, inviting serendipity and spontaneity into your life.

So, as you set your intentions for the year ahead, embrace the stillness of winter that teaches you to be present in the simple moments. Be open to the beauty of uncertainty, and let the goals you set be guideposts rather than fixed outcomes. In this way, you not only navigate the coming year with purpose, but you can savour in the richness that lies in the journey ahead.

What are three specific goals you want to achieve in the coming year?



The Waning Moon of this week is in the heart of winter that gives you a period of quiet reflection and surrender. It aligns with the bare branches and peaceful landscapes, encouraging you to release any remnants of the past year and gracefully let go of what no longer serves you. This lunar phase marks the pinnacle of the seasonal cycle, echoing the subtle transformation of nature followed by the effortless transition to winter. 

The fall season occurs in the early evening that represents, maturity, letting go, slowing down and release. It’s the perfect way to ease into the new year while you may still be reflecting on 2023. Take some time to connect with the energy of fall with mindful walks, candlelit evenings, and appreciating winter’s tranquility. Allow this cosmic cycle to guide you through a week of introspection with the waning moon in winter’s sky. 

I’ve created a January Moon Cycles Calendar that you can download here.

What's happening this month

I’m thrilled to introduce you to my good friend Dennyse Harris- Chopra Certified Avyurveda Instructor, as she offers tips for your daily routine, self-care, diet and environment that will help you to stay balanced during the winter months. 

Dennyse firmly believes in the importance of self-love, and reconnection to who we really are, she is dedicated to mentoring and helping women to build personal, sustainable, self care practices. For over 10 years she has been supporting and bringing women together at in-person retreats, workshops, gatherings and online events where they have the opportunity to build relationships, exchange ideas, grow, and rejuvenate-MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. Dennyse is passionate about the life changing effects of daily meditation. She is a Certified Chopra Meditate instructor as well as a Certified Chopra Health Instructor and Total Wellness Coach. 

This Ayurveda Wellness Workshop focuses on balancing tools during the Vata season- late fall into early winter. During this season there can be build up of space and air in the body that can lead to irregularities with digestion, difficulty sleeping, and a general feeling of being ungrounded, anxious, or restless. The way you eat, drink, and even exercise can help you find the balance your body needs. 

 We look forward to you joining us later in the month!

Monday Moment

Week 1 - Happy New Year!

Week 1 - Happy New Year!

Week 2 - Creating a theme for the year

Week 2 - Creating a theme for the year

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