Everyday Seasonal Living

Everyday Seasonal Living is based on living in tune with the energy of the seasons throughout the year. It's about the moon cycles, the Equinoxes
and the Solstices that offers a way to rekindle your relationship with nature. 
When you're in a state of "being", you can uncover the joy and beauty in the natural world. Everyday Seasonal Living was created from Anne's passion for haiku, which is a Japanese seasonal based form of poetry.  

Everyday Seasonal Living helps you become more comfortable sitting in the unknown and to trust in the bigger picture. When you embody stillness within, you will begin to feel aligned with the natural world. Your senses are in tune with the changes in the environment from the inside out. There are times of rest in the winter, planting in the spring, flowering in the summer, and harvesting into fall.

There are so many things you can learn from nature when you tap into a seasonal living lifestyle. For example, when a seed is planted it takes time to germinate and cannot be forced to grow any faster than it’s meant to. You can’t see it, but you can water it and nurture it, fully knowing that it will grow in its own time. Has this happened to you when you want something right away but it needs time to happen? When you learn how to slow down and move with the rhythm of the seasons you can reduce the stress and enjoy the process.

Everyday Seasonal Living
Anne Dunnett


About Anne

I'm Anne Dunnett, the creator of the Everyday Seasonal Living Circle, I'm a Haiku poet and creative designer based on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. 

My first experience with Haiku came from my Grandmother, opening a door that would lead me on a remarkable journey for the rest of my life. My interest in seasonal living grew from Japanese Haiku and I was curious to learn more. The philosophy of Haiku is based on connecting with nature, simplicity, everyday moments and the yearly seasonal cycles. Being on a personal journey of healing through holistic approaches has helped me be in the flow of life. I have a regular practice of yoga and meditation that helps me tune into the seasons and the natural cycles and rhythms of the earth. I embody seasonal living with a simplistic approach to life with a deep appreciation of nature which has allowed me to stay in a place of being.

My haiku poetry has won honourable mentions and has been critiqued and reviewed by some of the best – and best known – Haiku poets in Canada and the United States. I have been self-published and my works have been featured in Haiku anthologies, including Erotic Haiku. and Vancouver’s Cherry Blossom Festival. 

I have found my purpose and passion in showing others how to embrace a seasonal living lifestyle and tap into their creativity to unlock their spirituality and learn to be in the moment. 

I would love to help you discover how to live in the flow of the seasons.

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Are you a mid-life woman going through a life transition who is always “doing” and want to shift into a slower pace of “being”?

Slow down and embrace the beauty and rhythm of the Winter Season.

Download the WINTER SEASONAL LIVING JOURNAL to give yourself downtime to surrender, release, be present and let go.

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